By installing knob at the back of sprinkler, type of sprinkling can be changed easily to five types (Direct, Powerful, Fog, Shower, Sprinkling) while watering.
Moreover simply can stop watering with one touch lock-in.
One touch separator that is easily separated from the body domestic and international patent.
- Multi-functional FIVE Z GUN such as gardening, car washing, cleaning and etc.
- 5 types of sprinkling knobs
   Direct, Powerful, Fog, Shower, Sprinkling spray
- Sprinkling type can be changed immediately while watering with rear knob.
- It’s very convenient to use sprinkler
- Watering stops by pressing one touch lock-in
- Hose can be separated easily from the body with one touch hose separator.
- Use the hose from inside diameter of 12~16mm to outside diameter 16~20mm.
- Change the type of sprinkling by turning the knob at the back
   (Direct, Powerful, Fog, Shower, Sprinkling spray)
- It can be used by connecting with PVC hose or metal shower hose.